The Bengal Lancers       See also "In Memoriam"

As old boys we have a range of thoughts about "The Masters" -some highly uncomplimentary - but this is their perception - in the latter years some of them called themsemves  "The Bengal Lancers".  A group of masters who regularly ate out at an Indian Restaurant in, I believe, Silver Street end of  Church Street Wellingborough.  Israel Ali was the restaurant owner.  This photograph was taken at Johnny Hyde's retirement in 1986.  The dedication and menu are below the colour picture and Howard Buchanan's comments at the end.  The pewter beer tankard in front of Johnny, was presented by his friends, The Bengal Lancers - see photograph at the bottom of the page.



Note:  the top photograph is a combination of two to ensure that the photographers were both included, I'd misremembered an earlier conversation and thought Ali's was in Sheep Street.  I also queried that surely some of the older master's had retired by 1986. - by Webmaster, Graham Tall

Howard's reply:

How clever to combine the Lancers photos-reminds me of the Soviets' doctoring of the grim line-ups on Lenin's Tomb in the 50's.1st thing on the Lancers feature is a spelling-Memoriam not Memorium. We started off in Israel Ali's place at the Silver St. end of Church St. Wellingborough on the lunchtime of the Prince William of Gloucester Speech Day, my memory of which is now filtered through a haze of Cobra, or was it Kingfisher? Most subsequent meetings were at Ali's next restaurant in High St. Irthlingborough where the photos were taken. These were invariably prefaced by a session in the nearby Horseshoe and rounded off with yet more beer at Johnny Hyde's place in Rushden.  I don't know how the hell we all got home! David Wilson-an absolute master of the cod Anglo-Indian style-wrote the menu dedication to John. Regarding your last observation, the photographed meeting was a re-union: some Lancers, including me, had retired from teaching some years previously.   Howard Buchanan