Trips Abroad:  Italy  1956 & 1959                   Trips Abroad


Italy 1956:   Same Photo supplied by Bob de Banke and Barrie Tall

Charlie Ward on left, next to him Ernie Briant.  Ivor Cheale on the right

Older Boys:  Barrie Clarke (left Back row); Tony Doyle and Fred Nutt standing next to Barrie Tall and Tony Mitchell third row back on right.  If you can identify others let me know.

Italy 1959:  
Back Row: Ivor Cheale, Mrs Cheale, 5th =Melvyn Round, 6th Richard Buchta, 7th  (Face)=G.G.Martin, 8th =Barrie Tall, Roy Tomlin, Jack Hobbs, John Dickinson, M.Y. Palmer, John Bailey, Cherry(?), Barry Clarke light shirt with short sleeves,  bare chested boy - Gerald Woodhams), woman - Mrs Ward, Charlie Ward, woman – member of Ward party
Middle Row
: Terry Gotch is kneeling in front, right of the lad with the open shirt. Two places further right is Peter Wooding (check shirt, straw hat – still got ‘em!)
Front Row Left:  
D. E. Billing, M. Beswicke, Ron Palmer, R. Hawkins, M Sharman, Richard Bryan, ? , Peter Laughton,
    Far right: Tim Thompson, Roger More
Intrepid Four–Bailey, Billing, Hawkins & Wooding made an independent sortie to the top of Mt Vesuvius (Wooding, 1953/4)
Can you name the others?  Visited Rome (5 nights), Naples and Sorrento (four nights)  Group Passport

Cost of Trip:

£457 in 2006 according to Retail Price Index.

Ivor And Mrs Cheale with boys on a gondola