Day Trips 

The first mention of day trips is on the same page of Miss Bavin's scrapbook as the programme for the School's 1949 play Treasure Island adapted by A.Jackson, but my spies tell me that the first excursion day for the whole school would have been in 1948:

I can remember going to Dovedale in my second year and it is indeed reported in the magazine Summer 1948 Page 5. It must have made an impression on me because the following year I went to Matlock! Now there is the exploratory spirit for you!   Pedro Howes (1947-    )

360 boys by road, 100 by rail:  Windsor and the Thames Valley, the Imperial Institute, Whipsnade, Raleigh & Boots at Nottingham, W.Allens Engineering Works, London Brick Co., Railways at Crewe, Natural History, Kensington and Crewe, Hampton Court Palace.   From a press cutting in 1950

.   All of us will remember the trips which ranged from the Houses of Parliament,  Whipsnade Zoo and a coal mine to Beaconscot model village.  Please supply any interesting photos.  Is it just my memory, but where else did I learn "Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all", "Where have all the flowers gone", "Ten green bottles" and highly personalised versions of "She'll be coming round the mountain...."    Graham Tall (1955-1962)

Note, our trips even transfixed the babes, but notice, the date of the last outing:
I lived opposite the Grammar School from the age of 2 onwards. One day each year Doddington Road would be lined with coaches from in front of the school to half way up the playing field. A party atmosphere and absolute chaos prevailed as the whole school loaded up for the annual school outing to a variety of destinations. Eventually I started at the school and went on an outing (presumably in 1970) to the Grand Union Canal, Blisworth Tunnel. AND THAT WAS THAT, they were stopped the next year, money reasons I suppose. So I watched these days happen for 10 years and only got to go on one.      Nick Tompkins  26/03/2002

Some of the other school trips were quite memorable too, for much the same reasons. I remember going down a coal mine at Coalville one Saturday when it was only open for maintenance and visiting Stoke on Trent when the bottle kilns were still in use and the city was covered by smoke. I only live about 20 minutes away from there now and it is almost unrecognisable as the place we saw in the early fifties. We also saw Stewarts and Lloyds at Corby in full swing with their Bessemer converters and the big rolling mill. One of “Fathers” college friends was in management there so he was able to get us good conducted visits.   Richard Hall (1946)

1    Matlock 1957  David Spencer, Richard Buchta and Colin Bingham
2.   Broughton on the Water 1958
L to R Messrs Pettit, Gray, Clarke, Leeson, Barber & King-Underwood.

3.   Embankment Circa 1960

David Spencer, Richard Buchta and Colin Bingham on a School Trip to Matlock as second formers in 1957.


Chris Talbot behind the camera

Broughton on the Water 1958

 L to R Messrs Pettit,Gray,Clarke,Leeson,Barber & King-Underwood. Ok you lads name who was the rotter who floated my shoes down stream??

Roy Pettit (1955)

The pictures could be sharper - but print sizes then were miniscule!


Embankment Trip   Barrie Tall (1955)  second from left.