Boys Identified  Reunion November 19th  Number  attending = 55+1(FCreq) Cannot Come= 16+12  Deceased = 9

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Attending Reunion   Attending Reunion

Not Yet Replied

Cannot Come
John Allen


Peter Jackson Roger Duffin Nigel Barron If Only!
Colin Barber

 See Spain 1957

Leslie Lawrence Michael Ginders

Lionel Bean

Richard Barden


Mick Leeson

David Lack

Richard Bradshaw  IFonly!

B's Web Page

Clive  Branson


Alan Marlow 

Hugh Nicholas Philip(Sam)BratbyIFonly!
Geoff Billett


Tony  Mitchell   John Burton IfOnly!
Malcolm Billing not meal IfOnly David  Munns   Hugh Cole   (Sam) 
Tony Bevington  

Graham Newell 


John Creasey

Michael Britton   Richard Nobes  99%   Stephen Day
Richard Buchta

See Day Trips

Nic Palmer  3b


Stephen Dobney IFonly!

Alan Buckby      2c

See Sport Report

Michael Payne   Chris Ellard 
Peter Burrell   Garth Peacock

See Day Trips See Norway

Rodney Foster 

Richard Carter

  Roy (Graham) Pettit


Michael Garley  IF only!

Graham Chapman   Ian Prior      95%   David Gilbert IF only!
Clive  Childs


Paul Robinson


Peter Godfrey  IF only! 
Peter Clark

See Day Trips

Chris Roche   Geoff James 
Robert Clarke


Clive Roche   Kenneth Kingham
Roger Cobley   David Spencer

 See Day Trips

Norman King-Underwood
Ron Coles   Terry Stratton

See Day Trips 

Bryan Larkins   IfOnly
David Colson   Chris Talbot   David Lodge:  Impossible
Mick Corbyn   Barrie Tall

SeeSport &Trips

David Murray  IFOnly

John Cousens   Graham Tall    Tony Northen

Mike Cox

  Peter Tomkins


David Nickerson

Paul Cox

      John Rawlins   IF only! 
Bob de Banke

See Norway 

    Robert Scott (Tut)
Graham Drage   1956 Year  

Mike Tyler 

Richard Frost   Richard Bryan   Brian WestcottSee Plays
Robert Gibson      

 Tony Willoughby 

Martin Gray  1c   1954 Year   John Wittering  If Only!
John Green   Brian Mason   Deceased
D. Harris   (Sam)       Colin Bingham   1b
Geoff  Hodgkins       Roger Barlow
David (Alan) Holder

See Norway

    Peter Catlin
        Michael Dickie

Ian Fenner


Bob Mayes



22 + 2  

David Perkins

        Dave Stanton

 Paul Tompkins



Key:        Names in Red,  Attending reunion   Black Background:   Deceased

Names Underlined

Photograph Click IfOnly! and read their letter. Yellow Background:  Not attending reunion

 (Information entered 2005)               FCreq = Final Confirmation Required