Memories and More Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School
by David and Graham Tall

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Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School  £17.95 (to buy contact

By David and Graham Tall


Foreword by French Master

Mr Richard ‘Buzz’ Temple

To be asked to write a few lines in a general preface to Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School is quite an honour, even though I am – just – the last of what the authors call “long-serving masters”, which perhaps means that they had little choice.


The key to the whole exercise in recording what went on in the buildings in Doddington Road lies in the word in the book’s title. And that word is “Memories”.


You are about to read an all-embracing (I won’t say “comprehensive”) and thoroughly researched history of a highly successful Grammar School, its foundation in 1930, its growth and expansion in what it offered, its successes over all those years to 1975. All this was important to the school, and not least to the boys who benefited from “attending”.


Yet their years spent there culminating in certificates, scholarships and places in higher education or business are not entirely the stuff that they remember, or are grateful for – it is the fact of being part of a system which offered friendships made for life, experiences in the classroom not understood at the time, tyrants who were human after all, being a member of a school with a spirit which will not die.


“Memories" – warmth, affection, respect: that was Wellingborough Grammar School’s contribution to Northamptonshire.