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The Team plus - at the end of the evening,   Other photos below   Copies available from grahamtall@wgsmemories.org.uk

Back L-R: John Brown, Dave Hill, Keith Allen, Dave Toseland, Nigel Fairey, Keith Shurville, John Sugars, Tom McIlroy, Martin Layton.

Middle L-R: Alan (Wally) Wheeler, Pete Betts, Graham (Doddy) Ridge, Rex Nevett.

Front L-R: Pat Thacker, Barry Waite, Robert (Chunky) Pine, Murray Felstead, Keith Brealey, John Hall


1.A display of the achievements of the two teams 1965-66 and 67-68

2.  David Wilson, Barry Waite and David Tall start the ball rolling.

3.  Dave Hill & Georgia (partner) talking to Sue Shurville

4.  The Ladies, one of whom is named Judy, deep in conversation.

5.  Patrick & Rosy Thacker and Dave Toseland

6.  Rex Nevett, Martin Layton and Alan Wheeler

7.  Barry meets Graham Doddy Ridge

8.  David W, David T, Graham and Sue Ridge, Keith Brealey’s wife

9.  Murray Felstead, Tom McIlroy and Irene Toseland (who Graham Ridge taught when he moved from WGS to the Tech in Weavers Rd.)

10.  Vicky & John Sugars (who both went to the same primary school as Irene, Rushden South End)

11.  L-R Nigel Fairey, Lesley (his sister, was my sister's class at the High School!), Sue & Murray Felstead, Tom McIlroy & Irene

12.  L-R John Brown, Sue (his wife – there were at least 4 Sue’s there!), John Sugars, Keith Brealey, Nigel Fairey

13.  Bill Drew

14.  OG’s members having a pint, but not part of our group

15.  Tom McIlroy, Keith Shurville

16.  Alan Wheeler, Bill Drew, Judy, Rex Nevett, Martin Layton

17.  Keith Shurville introduces the evening.  Speech notes  

18.  Something Keith said amused David Toseland

19  The crowd by the unmanned bar is amused  Pete Betts, John Brown, Nigel Fairey, OG’s in the background

20.  The food has to be paid for - otherwise I'll have to dig deep

21.  Martin Layton is amused, as Keith responds to David's camera

22.  The audience listens: John Brown (standing), Nigel Fairey, Lesley, Sue Felstead, Liz McIlroy, Murray Felstead, Tom McIlroy.

23.  The speech from Keith works its magic.

24.  "Young Chunky" is reminded of his exploits diving over the high bar and winning so many events

25.  Keith concludes and hands over to Barry.  Barry's speech

26.  Initially Barry Waite checks his notes - but there is little need

27.  Because his admiration for Tony Sparrow is demonstrable

28.  Pat Thacker and Chunky

29.  Barry ends describing the only and best tackle by Rex Nevett

And Barry awarded Rex with a trophy entitled:

The Last Tackle



31. And where will you put it, says his wife, ON DISPLAY says Rex

32.  The audience is now well warmed up.

33.  Initially, David Toseland seems a bit lost     SPEECH

34.  But soon the words start flowing and  the quality of his oratory

34.  is evident - particularly when talking about teaching girls rugby.

35.  But apparently the teams forgot to sign the rugby ball at the end

36.  of the season of all seasons - well we can do it now.

37.  Over to you Keith

38.  Till the next time

39.  Winding down, but enjoying the chat.

40.  Keith Brealey checking team members on some old photos.

41.   Au revoir

42.  But I thought the photographer, me Graham Tall, needed to be included, cos I was there!


And. perhaps last of all, a picture that most represents the spirit of the team, the joy of meeting up again and the pleasure of the reunion.