1958 Reunion: Photographs OGs at Wellingborough Grammar School 

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The Reunion was held on the weekend of November 03rd  2007  information below

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1958: Neil  Sinclair, Paul Coleman, Kerry Lewis and David Bayes  planned the reunion for the 4th October 2008

“Fifty Years On!” 

The 4th October re-union had at least 30 old boys with probably about 20 partners. We planned an informal hot buffet at Oxford Street (£10 per head) so as not to break the bank...

Photos from Neil Sinclair


Neil-001  Waiting, January sale like, for the doors to open after a 40 year closure.

Neil-002   The caretaker opens the doors and the experience begins.

Neil-003  Searching for a memento of Harold in the Headmasters office – some, unnamed, instinctively held their backsides.


Neil-004   It was a delight to see that the outside toilet block and the wooden bike sheds still survive – virtually unchanged. They are now probably a site of Special Scientific Interest or even a World Heritage Site. Unfortunately we could not gain entrance for a nostalgic pee. The lower bike sheds are probably preserved in cigarette smoke tar – similar to creosote but far more effective.

Neil-005   Talk, talk, talk continues down in the dining room – how did we all get in here!

Neil-006   .....and how did 600 boys get in here every weekday along with their battered hymnbooks.

Neil-007  Where are the wall bars although the windows themselves are unchanged.

Neil-008  Geoff Neville, Norman Keech, Adrian Lord and Nick Steiner share a memory or two.

Neil-009  Brian Tanner blesses the computers (as a physicist should) whilst his wife Ruth looks on.

Neil-010  Across the bridge into the New Block. Well it was in 1964! Brian Tanner learns about his new fangled digital camera from Ruth. Geoff Neville stares across the broad playing field of time into the past of cold wet rugby balls. Behind, Huw Williams, John Hoddle and Brian (Flash) Bellamy are deep in conversation.

Neil-011  On the right, Peter Layton and John Wheeler in one of the new classrooms with Graham Walden and his wife behind.

Neil-012  David Bayes and Steven Bird in the foreground with Paul Coleman and Geoff Neville behind. On the left, at the back, Huw Williams, Randal Lancaster and Peter Thompson whilst in the middle behind Paul are Ian Gillett and Paul Cross.

Neil-013  No loitering on the staircase please. The miscreants, scheduled for detention are, from left to right, David Walden, Steven Bird, Geoff Neville, Malcolm Mann, Paul Cross (back to camera), Ian Gillett, Michael Owen, Peter Curtis (back to camera) John Wheeler and Paul Coleman. We were amazed that the tiles and the handrails were the originals.

Neil-014  This voltage regulator was on the wall of room 13 (old chemistry lab). It was clearly still being used and Neil (thinks he) can remember this being installed and used by Chunky and Ernie when we were there, probably about 1961 – so it is at least 40 years old.

Neil-015    Neil was amazed that the top corridor was unchanged:

Neil-016   The Biology lab now, alas, without the drunken tadpoles. The names Gus and Fred could be heard often and with fondness.
- same doors, same floor blocks, same tiles, same radiators and pipe work and probably some members of the Photographic Society still working away in the darkroom at the end.  It is amazing to think that in the 40+ years we have been away from the school, hot water has been flowing in those same pipes and radiators just as it had been doing for many years before we came to the school in 1958. What engineering!

Neil-17   A last look at the frontage (in need of a lick of paint) as we leave the premises. The end of a pilgrimage to say a silent ‘thank you’ and offer our respects to the building that was Wellingborough Grammar School, the institution that was Wellingborough Grammar School and the masters that were Wellingborough Grammar School..........from some of the pupils that were proud to be, for a few years, Wellingborough Grammar School.