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The re-reunion took place in November 2011 and involved a trip to the school, the OGs and to Wellingborough Museum (Building that once held Dulles Bath's) - where a number of school photos were on display.   Interesting photos of Harold, the buildings, a Hall window, meter, roof's and the 'Field'

Front Entrance 2011

Harold Wrenn     front corridor.

After 40 years - cars rather than bicycles

Assembly in the yard 1

Assembly in the yard 2

Chris and Brian - 37 years since last meeting

Michael Eakin's spots the paparazzi

Now the bike sheds have gone  (disappeared in 2010, the toilet block consists of offices.

A playground no more

Classroom discussions

Brian, David and Neil in the dining-room

Old Hall

School Hall - original windows 85 years old

Talking in the hall!!

More memories return

The (new) Gym - ready for exams

Classroom in the (new) block

Roofs - old and new

More roofs - mainly old

Art and Fleming - new outlook

Autumn Colours.

The field -  Rugby is still played!

Another voltage controller - still working.

Wellingborough Museum 1

Wellingborough Museum 2

Steve Bird's house - all that remains.  At Wellingboough Museum

Tea-time at the museum with Chris

Neil leers at the camera - others do more useful things

Six glasses, three OGs - no change there then!

Time to ponder and remember.