1956 Boys still to find     For convenience the first form classes are being used for a simple classification

Photos in 3rd Form in 1958 Panorama.    1956 Boys identified

If you know how to contact any of the following lads please inform Richard Bryan.    e-mail: RBandJMBryan@aol.com


Boys not identified on 09 March 2006

1a     9

1b     6

1c    15

M L Abrahams

R J Cox

R M Birka

R F Blunt

R D Darvill

A C Bond

B P Joyce

G H Phillips

J D Bonham

AG Mawson

G D Russell

B J Britchford

A B Sawford

G R Scraton

R E L Coates

B M Whitney/Mcfarlane

R J A Yorke

T Feltham

S R Wilbur


J P Graves

R B Wilkinson


D E Green

R Williams


G Holloway


R G Lambert


L A Murkitt


K R Palmer


R Palmer


K R Shearer


N Swailes