1956 Boys identified.   For convenience the first form classes are being used for a simple classification

Photos in 3rd Form in 1958 Panorama.    1956 Boys still to find        Position on 7 April 2006


Boys identified:   1a= 23 + 2  / 34  1b=25 + 3  / 34   1c=17  / 32   Total=65 + 5 out of  100

Interested:  15+16+11=34     Being Asked:  7+8+6=19     Not Interested:   1+1+0=2    Deceased=   2+3+0=5


If you know how to contact any more of the lads please inform Richard Bryan.    e-mail: RBandJMBryan@aol.com




P F Baxter M A Bollard

M J Arch

D R Ball

R E Bryan

G Bird

M W Bayes

I P Clarke

R S Butler

T Birch

R J Cowley

S R Byrne

P J Coales

 G C Creamer

K Cullip

R  Frisby

 B J Cox   

C R Dobbs

R F Gardiner

P W B Cross

A O Dobbs
D K Gillett     M P Dean

I S Lauder

G H Ginns

J M Dicks P R Martin

A M Hunt

G C Drage

R P Neville

R A Knight

R Dunkley

A D Nutt

S W Kurowski

M J Edwards

J L Parsons

D R Lawrence

D W Ely

M B Richardson

B J Legge

G J Goosey

R W Southward

J W Loasby

A C Hammond

M R T Thompson

R C Lomas

D J Hanger

J J Smith

R S Mcintyre

M V Jensen

P J Swingler

C J Norman

S A McDougall


D J Perritt

C C Moore

B L Pettit

P R Needle


D T Pope

R J Newman


J E Rivett

A J Paling


P J Stevenson

L Parker  
R D Walden

R J Sewell

T A Wood

T E Strickland



I J Tilley

Red = Deceased


P C Warr

 Interested in reunion    

E P Wright

Not interested in reunion


Being Contacted