1956 Reunion Photos 1- Visiting The Wrenn School (WGS)   

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Check the photos, and let me know if I have missed your name.  Send me a photo, if you have a good one or, by chance, someone has been missed out     Graham

Not everyone managed to get to the school on time - but it was a reasonable turnout for the beginning of the reunion day. (1)

Back Row:  Keith Marlow, Chris Norman, Terry Strickland, Gordon Bird, Geoff Creamer, John Rivett, David Pope, Graham Tall,
                    Rene Walden, Derek Lawrence, Peter Stevenson

Front Row:  Roland Sewell, Richard Blunt, Barry Cox, Walt Loasby, Richard Bryan, Terry Wood.


Roseacre Playing Fields, opposite the School) were used in the early 70s for a soccer club that the school organised.   (1)

Wellingborough Grammar School 'In Memoriam' book is still on display in the reception area - near Miss Bavin's office.    (2)

Whilst waiting for more boys to arrive we entered the school through the front entrance, because it was cold outside.  We took the opportunity to slip inside Mr.Wrenn's office.  Once there Roland Sewell and others started describing how Harold used to cane boys.  The number of strokes varied, according to the offence, but the underlying process was similar.   The offending boy had to bend over in front of his office door, with the door knob above his head.  Mr. Wrenn picked his thin Malacca cane up from the other corner, opposite the window, and hit the boys hard with a backward swing on the backside.   There's no doubt it hurt and the lads had difficulty with-holding the tears particularly as at least two of the boys were totally innocent of the offence for which they were caned.  In both instances, they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Roland Sewell's offence was standing with some smokers in the bike sheds, the result 6 of the best (he did admit to be rightfully caned on other occasions, most notably when he blew air down the gas pipes in the Fleming lab to stop Mr. Holmes lighting a Bunsen for a demonstration.  For this, Roland was sent outside the lab and was questioned by Mr. Wrenn when the latter was doing his prowl around the school.  The result two more strokes of the cane.

   Chris Norman, Terry Wood and Christine Goodwin leaving the Fleming Lab   (3)


Walking Around the Fleming Lab Barry Cox, Derek Lawrence

& Keith Marlow    (4)

Safety regulations and the National Curriculum have definitely had their effect on the Fleming Lab (which in fairness was always a misnomer - Fleming being a biologist and the lab was used in WGS for chemistry).  Not a chemical in sight in the fifties, the long fixed benches had a rack of bottles full of a range of acids and the evil smelling Ammonium Sulphide (I think).  Even worse the walls were adorned with biology drawings!


Rene Walden and John Rivett in the Fleming Laboratory  (5)

Jean and Richard Bryan   (6)


Walt Loasby walking along the science corridor   (7)


David Pope, John Rivett & Jennifer Pope walk down the science corridor  (8)

In the Penney Lab a story about Gus Leftwich was suddenly told.  Gus  apparently painted a blob of green pain on the underside of each of the stools in the Cockroft lab so that he could identify them again if they were removed.  Some boys of the 1956 year decided to play a joke on him and a story unfolded - told by Derek Lawrence and Rene Walden.   The boys took half a dozen stools at break and put them in the Penny lab.  Sure enough, after break Gus came looking for them - and every time he picked up a stool he found it marked with a green blob and said that that was his.  He didn't realise that the reprobates had marked every stool in the Penney lab with a mark of identical green paint and as a result he became very flustered as every stool was identified as 'his'!

Derek Lawrence, Rene Walden and Barry Cox  enjoy the story in the Penney Lab of Gus and his stools.   (9)


The loft opening used by the railway club  (11)

David Pope described how members of the railway club had to store their boards in the roof space above the Penney lab.   With the high ceilings, it looked as if the boys would have had to be acrobats to get up there - I must asked David for details of how they made it!  Graham Tall

Keith Marlow  (12)

Walt Loasby  (13)

Roland Sewell  (14)

Richard Blunt  (15)

Confirmatory information of the room that was once the "Tuck Shop".  The purveyor of wagon wheels, frozen mars bars, frozen Jubblies etc.

Down to the Dining room  (17)

Down to the Dining Room  (18)

A room that was opened by Group Captain Douglas Bader as a technology room.   (19)

Gordon Bird and Geoff Creamer share a joke  (20)

Barry Cox & Richard Bryan no doubt discussing wonderful meals.  (21)

The caretaker chats with Richard Blunt   (22) The group photograph was organised in the Hall   (23)

Terry Wood and Christine Goodwin in staff room   (24)

Barry Cox (right) demonstrates how to cane someone to Walt Loasby and Keith Marlow   (25)

Roland Sewell, Graham Tall and Walt Loasby in staff room  (26)

For obvious reasons, we didn't manage to see Mr. Wrenn, but at least  this time we managed to get into his office without having to give our reasons to Nora!  (27)


Reunion Photos 2:  The Evening Meal