1956 Reunion Photos 2- Visiting The Wrenn School (WGS)   

Reunion Photos 1:  The school visit   Sing a longs   Organiser's Report   !956 included a sketch which you can either sensibly ignore or attempt to watch and weep at its precursor on the web at:      Men can multitask and other just plain stupid videos    you have been warned!

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Check the photos, and tell me the names on your table start front left of table and list names clockwise.  Send me any  photos you have   I thought I'd photographed every table - but I'm sure there were more than this!    Graham







From back left corner: Richard Bryan, Richard's wife, Stephenie and Graham Tall  (34)

Tufty Pope replete from his meal (35)

Richard Gardiner, the chairman, introduces the programme (36)

Richard Bryan thanks everyone for coming (37)

Graham Tall gave a lecture on Memories of WGS

Where have all our schooldays gone, long time past now
Where did all our schooldays go, fifty years ago?
Where have all our schooldays gone, lost in memories every one
What did we really learn, What did we really learn?
At Wellingborough Grammar School
When Harold Wrenn presided
With cane in hand, not iron rod
Our learning was decided
Divinity he also taught
Of Sodom and Gomm-orah
He ran the school with firm support
And thatís all thanks to Nora!
Paul Needle entertained us on the organ and created 
several splendid songs, the first verse of one of which 
is given above - Sadly no picture taken!
Full List of Songs     

A Paper weight was created as a memento  (38)

Whilst Spike would not have officially approved, he would have been highly amused by the mime of three gents at the Gents, with glasses and fags in hand.


What are they comparing?   (39)

No words are possible   (40)

Sunday 12.00pm:

A number of us met up at the OGs and said Au Revoir.  Only Mr. Pope thought to come properly dressed - but sadly he was bereft of blazer, cap and his shirt was neither white nor grey.  Even worse, Nora would have stopped him before he entered the school and torn a strip off him - whatever schoolboys can get away with respect to their ties in the 21st century - that was NOT possible in 1956.

Sorry Tufty, there are NO goods for this.  The only question is whether Nora will deal with it on the spot or send you to the Head for corporeal punishment.



Reunion Photos 1:  The school visit