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A superb weekend at Littlecote House as evidenced by the repeated calls to 'do it again!' We certainly will - in 3 years time! Book the year now!!!

John Garley - Organizer!

Barry Clarke  Originator of the reunions

Special thanks to Barry Clarke and Richard Cox for their contributions to the short speeches - even the Maitre-D for the evening joined in!!  The entertainment was 'interesting' - good voices! The Brotherhood of Man, in their 40th anniversary year gave a good account of themselves - wigs and all! - still the Tall brothers gave them a bit of stick - and got it back!!  Personally I find it a bit off-putting when 60 odd year olds act as if they still believe they are 20 year olds!!!



The Littlecote organisation was faultless (I was in the best position to judge them from behind the scenes) - well done Marcus!
All in all an excellent weekend - one in which WGS was the catalyst in bringing 26 people together for a good social occasion. The emphasis this time was on the people / personalities - not the school. Everyone, without exception, enjoyed the camaraderie - the 3 days meant that we all had time to talk to everyone - friendships were underpinned by the relaxed social atmosphere - the ladies all joined in with the humour of the occasion - none of them felt exposed by the 'WGS syndrome!'


Thanks once again for your company - please thank your ladies for THEIR company too!


Clothing - if anyone else is interested I have the 'odd' sizings to move - can't really ask the guy to take them back with a WGS logo pon them!  I have spare  a White Polo Medium / a Maroon Sweat XXXL / Black Sweat XXL - and that's it! Polo = 10  and Sweat = 15-50 each. Any takers??  Cost 2-20 carriage if to be sent!