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VIA Science

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VI. SCIENCE UPPER          All but:  S. T. Wells identified

VI. ARTS UPPER                  All identified

VI. SCIENCE LOWER        All but:  J.M. Wells   identified

VI. ARTS LOWER                All   identified 

Fifth Form from previous year, left before the Summer lists created.


VI. SCIENCE UPPER   S. T. Wells,  Bily Meadows left in the autumn term after the Panorama

3.5-Brian Bazeley

K. W. Bradshaw


prev yr L6Sc


3.60-Norman Elmore

3.55-Richard Goodbody

5.57-David Fidler

3.14-John Fuller

3rd yr left before summer

3.61-John Gramshaw


3.17-Johnny Hyde

3rd yr left before summer

3.46-Ron Lawrence

3.43-David Law

3.48-Ralph Levy

3.52-Michael Martin




3rd yr left before summer

3.54-Peter Tompkins
3rd yr left before summer

3.59-  Tilley

S. T. Wells

3.50-Paul Wix



8.34-Derek Buckey

3.47-Tony Crawley
M. A. Crawley

3.3-Howard Finch
H. G. Fitch

7.33-John Gilbert

8.42-Brian Horne

8.38-Michael Horne

7.37-Alan Jessop

7.28-Keith Jones

8.39-Richard Knight

8.37-Jim Norris

M. Wells






3.18-Geoff Coles

3rd yr left before summer



3.7-Paul Furnell

3.10-M.A. Goodband



3.19-Robert Leslie

3rd yr left before summer

3.12-Geoffrey Linnell

3rd yr left before summer

3.44-Gerald Neville

3rd yr left before summer

.3.9- Noel Pearson

3.13-Bob Shawley

3.16-Peter Smith

3rd yr left before summer

3.45-Paul Wills

3.15-Peter Wilson

3rd yr left before summer




7.31-Robert Clark

8.32-Peter Frogley

8.35-Clive Johnson

3.2-Peter Puffer Jones


6.30-Barry Stokes

8.31-Dennis Tear

6.29-Brian Warren






Fifth Form from previous year, Presumably left after the panorama, and before the Summer lists were created.

5.14-Peter Burt

5A prev Year

6.28-Frank Faulkner

5A prev Year

8.40-John Manning

5A prev Year

3.53-Albert Marshall

sum 1948 5A

8.43-Clifford  Raven

5A prev Year

5.24-K/H?Alan Summers
5A prev Year

8.33-Brian Tew

5A prev Year

7.32-Gordon Waite

5A prev Year


6.32-  Coleman

 5B prev Year


5B prev Year


5B prev Year

5.30- D Whiteman??
5B or
5C prev Year

7.29-Tom Wildman

5B prev Year


VC Summer 1949   Read the information below:

5.42-Maurice W. Barwick


5.38-John Chambers
W. G. Drage  
5.41-Robert Eric Martin Gilmour (Bob)
A. F. Kearsley
5.39-John Lovell
J. W. Parnell J. W. Richardson J. L. Simmons F. R. Titmuss

5.49-Pat Tysoe

5.47-Michael Wallis


Bob Gilmour came to the school in 1948 having previously  been at Kimbolton school and was placed in form 5c. He left in Dec 1949 having stayed on for an extra term in order to retake the School Certificate. He joined the Royal Navy and trained to be an Engine Room Artificer  at HMS Ganges. We kept in touch with one another for several years and I last saw him in 1957 when he was still in the Navy and single.


The photograph is of Bob and myself (Mick Brigstock) taken in April 1952 while we were both on leave, Bob from HMS Ganges and myself from National Service in the 1st Bn Northamptonshire Regt stationed in Trieste Italy. Whilst on this leave we visited WGS and were greeted  by Charlie Wrenn and Chunky Pine.


We had been in  the 1948/49 fifth forms and stayed on for the extra term mainly to retake the School Certificate in the Autumn Term. These boys had appeared in the Sept 1949 photo but did not show in the  name lists, its good to have their own identifications. As for myself I was in form 5c together with some half a dozen others who are shown on the above list and I would like to comment on some of the names.


5.38 John Chambers, 5.39 John Lovell not Jim, 5.40 Michael John Brigstock Mick (self), 5.41 Robert Eric Martin Gilmour Bob should be shown, 5.42 Maurice W Barwick not Michael, 5.47 Michael Wallis, 5.49 Patrick Tysoe  Pat


5 30 D Whiteman  I do not remember him as being in 5c, I believe he was in 5b. To support this he is in a b form in the 1946 school photo and he is not standing with the rest of us in the 1949 photo.  (Mick Brigstock)