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Mr. Nicholas:  I think "tin bum" must have followed the "nickel arse" we used in my time until 1948.  Alan Rudd (1943 to 1948)

Note:   Only non-teaching member of staff present on the panorama is the school secretary - Miss Bavin

Please tell me if the 'nicknames' were not current in 1946-47.

3.18-Nora Bavin

3.19-Duke Atherton

3.20-Chunky Pine

3.21-Albert Richmond


3.23-Father Holmes

3..24-Eddie Phillips

3.25-Johnny Butler


3.27-  Tinbum Nicholas

3.28-Harold Wrenn

3.29-Jake Dunning

3.30-Doc Jackson

3.31-Lennie Pratt

3.32-Sam Harris

3.33-Ron Beerie Ward

3.34-Charlie Ward


3.36-Wyn Trigger Davies


3.38-Danny Burrell