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The Reunion was held on the weekend of November 03rd  2007  information below

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I would appreciate copies of photographs AND the names of those photographed

- please email to me  or send a CD with  photographs (email me for address)

Whilst I would prefer originals, the ideal size for the web allowing two photos side by side is: 

72 dpi photos that are 6 inches wide by 4.5.

Photos from Pedro, John Cook, Wolfgang Lendle, Richard Hall, Pat Hunt, Graham Tall' and Brian Clayton received and included. 

Pedro-28:  Perce Long               and            Tony  Byles

Pedro-29:             Joey    and    Carol Allen

Pedro-30:     Brian Abrahams    and      Bryon Hartwell

Pedro-31:       Maureen and Patrick Groome

Pedro-32:    Graham Langford      and         Mike Beeby

Pedro-33:            Pauline       and       Peter Stratton

Pedro-34:    Dorothy    and    Bill Priest


Lendle-05  The 1947s on Left Joyce Cook.  Right from front Pedro
       Howes, Peter Stratton & Pauline Stratton, Roy Benning,
       Shirley Fairbanks, Tom Boyce, Mike Beeby, Graham Langford

Lendle-06  Left:John & Joyce Cook, Margaret & Malcolm
                  Thorneycroft Peter Negus.  On right Peter Stratton.

The length of time between courses, led to the 'boys' rearranging
the evening.  Instead of chatting after the speeches, individuals moved
 around the room and took the opportunities that presented

Cook-05:Peter Stratton         Peter Negus           Pedro Howes

Lendle-07  Peter Stratton and Pedro Howes

Cook-06:  Roy Benning, Bill Priest, Pauline Stratton

Lendle-08:  Maureen and Gus Groome, Brian Abrahams

SF-05:          Doug Kingsley       and     Keith Bradshaw

SF-06:       Colin Cross

Hunt-04   The 1943 table   Name the individuals

Hunt-04      Name the individuals

Tall-33 Alan Rudd's year

Tall-34  From Left:  Mike Martin, Ann & Colin McCall
             From Right: John Hyde, Dorothy and Michael King.



Tall-37 Michael Brigstock  and reading the memento

Tall-38  Ken Summers (L) conversing with Sheila and Alwyn York.

Tall-39 Robert Wilkins         and    

Tall-40                         Don Stevens

Tall-41   Philip Ingram                              Jill Gautrey

Tall-42                                                       Sam Partridge

Tall-43                                Brian Corn

Tall-44 Graham Ridge identified by his wife

Tall-45               John Canty          and         Peter Hanger

Tall-46        The conversation continues

Tall-47   A recipient photographing the photographer!



Tall-50  Jim Richardson (seated) talking to Derek (Chas) Allen, then Tony Buckmaster and his wife Dawn-Buckmaster


Tall-52                                              Brian Corn

Tall-53        Barry Drage        and         Ted Rowthorne

Tall-54       John Homan       






Clayton-26                                                Clayton-27  Edna Wadsworth

Clayton-28:  Bill Priest standing talking to Brian Humphrey.  Right
                     Perce Long

Clayton-29        ??????                    Shirley and John Pratt

Lendle-09   Johnny Hyde and Wolfgang Lendle





Hall-02  Roy-Benning,-left,-Peter--Stratton-Pedro-Howes,-right.

Negus-01   Maureen & Patrick , Brian Abrahams, Bryon
                   Hartwell, Graham Langford.

Lendle-09  The speeches are about to start

The Entertainment

Sadly I have no photo of Syd Brown's response to the Loyal Toast by the school or Graham Ridge's introduction to Johnny Hyde. 

Tall-55  Pedro Howes, the MC

SF-07:  Johnny Hyde's response to Graham Ridge's introduction

Clayton-34   Johnny Hyde thanking  the boys for the Saints book.


The Tall brothers describe the school

Clayton-36                             David Tall

Clayton-37                     Graham Tall

Pedro-34: Graham Tall

Pedro-35: David Tall

Pedro-36 :         

Pedro-37:   Colin McCall

Pedro-38:  Michael Martin


Pedro-39:  Sunday morning at OGs Club.   Sitting in middle Brian Corn
From left Peter Howes, John and Joyce Cook, Bill Priest, Mrs and
Geoff Patenall.                The last of 'The Few'.