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The Reunion was held on the weekend of November 03rd  2007  information below

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I would appreciate copies of photographs AND the names of those photographed

 please email to me  or send a CD (email me for address)

Whilst I would prefer originals, the ideal size for the web allowing two photos side by side is 72 dpi photos
that are 6 inches wide by 4.5 inches high.

Photos from Pedro, John Cook, Wolfgang Lendle, Richard Hall, Pat Hunt, Graham Tall, Roy Catling and Brian Clayton received and included.


Brian Corn was responsible for the immaculate setting out





Pedro-12 :  The crowded Theatre bar before the meal

Pedro-13  :  In the bar

Pedro-14  :  The Forties Reunion Banner

Pedro-15:        Richard       and        Patricia Hall

Pedro-16:    The 1947 table

Pedro-17:    Margaret      and       Malcolm Thorneycroft

Catling-01                  Alwyn York                        Ken-Summers

Catling-02 Brian-Horne                    Alex Lee      Glyn Muncey

Catling-03 Keith Bradshaw  Redvers Laverick  Gordon Wiggins E.Peplow

Catling-04 Keith Bradshaw  Redvers Laverick  Gordon Wiggins E.Peplow

Catling-05    D.Stevens  I.Smith Bob Wilkins

Catling-06  N.Collings  B.Tew  B.Ridgewell  Glyn Muncey (standing)-

Catling-07 Tony Rogers Sam Partridge  Pete Andrews   Mick-Basson

Catling-08             Tony Collings &  Norman Collings

Catling-09 Roy Catling,    Mick Basson  and   Pete-Andrew

Catling-10    Roy Catling recording the evidence

Pedro-18:  Peter Negus        and             Richard Hall

Pedro-19:    Keith Lovell      and 

Pedro-20:     Wiltrud and Wolfgang Lendle with meat and veg!!!

Pedro-21:            Dawn  and   Neil Bonham

Pedro-22:       Brian      and        Carole-Humphrey

Pedro-23:        Pamela     and       Geoffrey Patenall

Pedro-24:     Shirley       and         John Pratt

Pedro-25:     Edna        and         Mick Wadsworth

Pedro-26:                     Cliff Parker

Pedro-27:        Tom Boyce        and       Shirley-Fairbanks

Negus-03    Mike Beeby, Tom Boyce and Shirley Fairbanks

Negus-04   Trevor Field,  Edna Field and Dorothy Priest

Negus-05  Graham Langford,  Mike Beeby, Tom Boyce and Shirley

Negus-06   Tom Boyce, Pauline & Peter Stratton, Pedro Howes

Negus-07:  John & Joyce Cook   Margaret & Malcolm Thorneycroft

Negus-08       Margaret & Malcolm Thorneycroft

Clayton-17   Margaret & Malcolm Thorneycroft on right,
                    Roy Benning and Pauline Stratton

Clayton-18   Left:   Mike Martin, Ann & Colin McCall,

                    1st on right Johnny Hyde    Please name others

Clayton-19               Names Please

Clayton-20  Brian Corn in centre other names please

Clayton-21  Stephenie and Graham Tall

Clayton-22  Sue and David Tall

Clayton-23  The 1950-55 table

Clayton-24  Graham Ridge (left) Graham Tall standing

SF-01: Peter Stratton (centre) & Pedro Howes, Roy Benning backgr

SF-02: Wolfgang Lendle speaking to John Hyde

SF-03: Roy Benning and Pauline Stratton

SF-04:       Mike Beeby and Tom Boyce