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The Reunion was held on the weekend of November 03rd  2007  information below

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Photos from Pedro, John Cook, Wolfgang Lendle, Pat Hunt, Graham Tall and Brian Clayton received and on the web.

I would appreciate copies of photographs AND the names of those photographed

Friday Night at the Old Grammarians 7.30 onwards:

Tall-01  The first task, Brian Abrahams and Gus Groome find their
              reunion name badge

Tall-02   Paul Byles decided to come in uniform - unfortunately since that
               no longer existed, he made these from memory

Tall-03  Peter Stratton and Basil Shrives

Tall-04                              DonFranklin

Tall-05    David Tall may not be from the forties, but he and Don
                Franklin enjoyed a long chat.

Tall-06                     Peter Hanger

Tall-07   The Lendles meet the Cooks, Wolfgang and John from 1947

Tall-08  ??? chats with Martin Layton (old Boy from 1960s and Teacher)
          who came representing the OGs

Tall-10    Pedro and Paul Byles start examining the Panoramas

Tall-11              Brian-Corn and Graham Tall stand in front of the banner

Tall-12                Wiltrud Lendle       and     Pauline Stratton

Tall-13       Michael King                and        Basil Shrives

Tall-14        Graham Langford        and              Peter Stratton

Tall-15                    Names Please

Tall-16                  centre: Pedro and Graham Langford

Tall-17   Wolfgang Lendle        David Tall              Brian Abrahams

Tall-18           David Tall     and     Dave (Percy) Long from 1952

Lendle-01            Pauline   and  Peter Stratton

Lendle-02 After 50-60 years as you'ld expect Gus Groome, Brian
                 Abrahams, Bill Priest and Peter Stratton had plenty to say

Lendle-03  Wolfgang being interrupted by the photographer, Brian
                   Abrahams in the centre.

Lendle-04   Peter Stratton and  Brian Abrahams


11.00am Saturday: Lunch.   It was a small select group who decided to go to the OGs for a pleasant lunch


Clayton-02  David Tall  ???  ??? Graham Tall ???

Tall-19 David Tall particularly enjoyed chatting to Brian Clayton

Clayton-03 But sometimes David had to chat to his own brother

Tall-20 Who's drinking with Norman Elmore (right)

Clayton-04               ???                                      ???
I think they are concentrating on what to order for lunch!


Clayton-05                       ????

Clayton-06             ???

Clayton-07                     Mrs Pamela Patenall


The photos above on Saturday morning were taken in the main bar - however, in the lounge, others were also chatting:-
Tall-24                          David Bradshaw??