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The Reunion was held on the weekend of November 03rd  2007  information below

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Message from Pedro:

"To all those who attended the Reunion, and to those who were unable to and expressed their disappointment."

Dear Colleagues,

My first thanks is directed to each and every one of you that attended. Without your presence it would have been a bit of a damp squib. Your obvious delights on the Friday evening, at the School, at the Dinner and for the few of us that went to the OGs on Sunday morning, were all the rewards that Organisers could have wished for. I also wish to register my thanks to those that were unable to attend, but found the time to send messages of their disappointment and good wishes to those attending. You were never far from our thoughts. Thanks are also due to those that have expressed verbal and, in particular written, comments and thanks to the Organisers. We are flattered, but also proud. The Dinner was not without it's hiccups, but there has been an almost absence of negative comment, and we are grateful for those that put the important things above all else. I am sure you will agree that we have since addressed these matters in a sensible manner. It was inevitable that I as MC would make some mistakes. Please forgive me for those, for I am not a professional speaker. It has been pointed out that there were several people who did not receive public thanks for their part in the success of the Reunion. I wish to redress that by thanking one of my best mates, John Cook for not only the work he did on Spreadsheets but for the mental support he gave to me at all times. I sure needed him as a prop! Thanks also to Roy Catling, Jim Parsons, Shirley Fairbanks and many others who helped in the early stages by directing us to other potential attendees. We shall learn from these experiences but whether we have a further chance to put them into operation is another matter and really down to you. If you believe another Reunion is warranted in a couple of years time, let the Webmaster know. I hope to see at least some of you in 2008 and until we meet again, go carefully.

Peter Howes


I would appreciate copies of photographs - please email to me  or send a CD (email me for address)

Whilst I would prefer originals, the ideal size for the web allowing two photos side by side is: 

72 dpi photos that are 6 inches wide by 4.5.


The origins of the reunion:

The suggestion for a reunion came as part of the following letter dated 24 August 2006 that Pedro Howes sent to Keith Bradshaw:

What a pity that there is not someone capable of organising a reunion for, say, all former pupils pre, say, the earliest date for which there has already been a reunion.   If I were living in  UK I might volunteer to organise it, but it is impossible from this distance.   I would certainly attend.   By copy of this message, I am asking Graham if he is aware of anyone of our era who loved school life to the same extent as I, and would be prepared to be Organiser.  Be in touch over the winter months when there is more time to consider out youth.   Best Regards, Pedro Howes.    Pedro, copied this letter to me, he also subsequently agreed to do as much as possible from a distance...

When I received this letter, I forwarded it to those I know from that era, their replies are below.

So far there has only been a handful of replies, but this appears to have been the experience of the 50's reunions.  If there is to be a reunion, then those interested in going must say so out loud, the first help required is the names addresses, telephone numbers and best of all e-mail addresses of anyone you know - so let me know who you know.  Better still, do so and contact them yourself because it would be much more fun if your friends were there also and your voice will have much more impact than a communication from me. Once there is a core of individuals a date has to be set (next autumn??).   Accommodation has to be arranged (two reunions met at a hotel - more expensive, but far more chance of chatting between events).  Read the experience of others - you will enjoy a reunion, if your tardiness does not allow you to let it to slip out of view.  I am prepared to co-ordinate, communicate but


Thanks for the e-mail Graham. Personally, whilst being interested in a reunion, I have some reservations. I did attend, some few years ago one of the quarterly dinners and it was readily apparent that I was an outsider. Those attending were a) regulars b) Living in the Wellingborough Area. They therefore had there own "agenda", were with their own "friends" and the situation was not conducive to talking to "strangers" as it were. Therefore on those grounds I suggest that this can be ruled out. For a formal re-union one assumes that some of those who would be interested as a one off would need to travel so could well need overnight accommodation?  Also time it is a passing, the forties brigade are now in their seventies and without putting too fine a point on it "time is running out". So sooner rather than later would seem to be in order. Living in Staffordshire I feel that I am too far away to offer any assistance. Regards Peter Negus.   After a reply from others, Peter responded:

Graham, thank you. The plot thickens. Obviously a starting point is the list of names / addresses of those who receive the W.O.G's Association Club Magazine also it occurs to me that the names of Vice Presidents of the W.O.G.'s R.F.C. (some of whom may not be Asstn members ) would prove useful - on a quick run down of these I recall Don Burton, Ged Eady, Don Barker, Tony Bayes John Canty, Barry Drage, Frank Fair, Brian Glover, John Hoddle, Len Holt, Don Houghton, Jiffa Jarvis, Tony Kirby, Dick Nevett, D Pearce, Jim Shortland, Peter Smith, P.N.V. Smith, Don Stephens, Peter Stratton. Bob Timpson, Jim Tompkins, Dave Waldon ?, and probably some I have missed The R.F.C.'s Treasurer / Secretary will no doubt have addresses. I can supply a mere 2 other addresses those for "Tom" Boyce (Petersfield) & "Sam" Partridge (Market Deeping). Wellingborough Rotary Club would unearth one or two more - including obviously Keith Tompkins & Peter Desborough . Keep up the good work.                Peter Negus

Hi Graham I  know a few of the names in Peter Negus`s letter and I like the idea of a new reunion.   Regards    Brian Corn ( 1948 - 1953)

Hi Graham,   I would very much like to meet any of my old school friends and would travel to Wellingboro, spend a night in a hotel, and attend any offered function.  The year of 1943-4 saw me in 4a2. There was John Softly, Alan Lucas, Frank Field, "Shirty" Britain-  and I just cannot think quickly of all the others. I was very friendly with Keith Tompkins from 4a1 along with many others - Bill Patenall, Marshall Martin, David Turner, John Desborough and, several from a year earlier and a year later  if I knew that two or three of them would be there. I can see the enormity of the task, there were, after all, over 400 boys at the school with a quarter or so changing yearly. I wish you, or whoever tries to make sense of this, the very best of luck with this,                Don Franklin. (1940 to 1945).