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The Reunion was held on the weekend of November 03rd  2007  information below

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If anyone has a better picture of the reunion in front of the school than this - send me a copy.  A larger copy of it is at  Group Photo

Photos from Pedro, John Cook, Wolfgang Lendle, Pat Hunt and Brian Clayton received and on the web,  Graham Tall's yet to be added.  A copy of the group photo will be added, once a good one has been received.

I would appreciate copies of photographs AND the names of those photographed

- please email to me  or send a CD (email me for address)

Whilst I would prefer originals, the ideal size for the web allowing two photos side by side is 6inches by 4.5 inches:  

We first gathered in the Mountbatten Hall - the site of the old prefabs preparatory to having the school photograph taken at 2.30pm

Pedro-01:  The Mountbatten School Hall was crowded

Pedro-02:  School-Hall

Tall-25 General View

Tall-26  General View

Tall-27  Three old boys chat in a doorway

Tall-28  How come this gentleman has two females chatting to him?

Tall-29         ????                             ????                   Colin McCall


Clayton-09 and 10    The front of the school was very little changed since the forties boys went to the Grammar school.  The name was different and the wing on the right was added in the fifties, but otherwise the appearance was very familiar.  What was really surprising was that the railings, removed during the war, had been put back just a week before the reunion took place.

Clayton-11  ????   Brian Clayton  ???   ???  ???  ???

Clayton-12   Johnny Hyde is drawn into the photograph

Hunt-01           ????                                        Alan Rudd

Pedro-03: General view of Mountbatten Hall

Hall-01  Ted-Rowthorn-&-Richard-Hall-meet-on-the-stairs

Hunt-03  The Old dining room is now the technology room and was opened by Group Captain Douglas Bader

Hunt-02  At least one group searched the old dining room
The Caretaker was taking one group round, but it was evident another tour was necessary, so I led another group round and tried to arouse memories!

Pedro-04: Original Hall  Graham Tall, extreme right, spoke to the group

Pedro-05:  Original Hall
The group occasionally split up, one group certainly went downstairs to the old dining room - the Bader technology room.

Pedro-06:  Old dining room.  They then caught us up in the labs.

Pedro-07:   School laboratory.

Cook-01   Graham Tall telling a story of Gus Leftwich and the stools

Cook-02  Gus painted all the stools in his new lab with a dab of paint

Cook-03 on their underside.  1956 'pinched' the stools, put them in
                 physics and dabbed the Physics stool with similar dabs......

What probably caused most pain to the 'boys' was the filling in of the quadrangle.   The two shots (below) from the first floor window show this most effectively.  The Wrenn school has gained conveniently placed rooms - but the memory of that quadrangle and the speech days is inevitably painful.



In the Head's office below, I asked the lads how many of them the Head had been caned - the response was amazingly high!

Tall-30                                                                              John Pratt

Tall-31    Give me the names!

Tall-32   Trevor Field                                                          Richard Hall

Pedro-08:  We found our way to Spike Jackson's classroom

Pedro-09:   and chatted about the most eccentric teacher at WGS